Breakfast Beasts Muffin Packaging

My third project for Graphic Design III. The assignment was to come up with a breakfast food packaging. With this design, I applied some fun colors and characters to a healthy alternative for breakfast. I experimented with a unique box shape, which would stand out next to the usual rectangular boxes on the shelves. Each flavor features a different character: Blueberry Kracken, Banana Nut Zombie and Cinnamon Raisin Robot. I chose a monster theme to cater to kids' natural mischievous side. Like the Cat in the Hat, I wanted to emulate the trouble-making side of kids, without it being too mean spirited. This theme isn't usually tied to health foods, making it fun to look at and fun to eat, without all the junk. This project won Student Best in Show for the Mobile Bay district AAA in 2017.

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